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Property For Sale

ETB4,500,000 Negotiable

Call: 0911 135329 / 0913 317532
Property For Sale, Total 5000 sq.m, on asphalt road, 4  stores and 1 guest house built, It can be for storage, manufacturing, resort, farming, medical center, school... All the legal documents ...


72 m2 G+2 Foundation


Call: 0919154850/0911529671
the plot is 72 m2 at Haile Garment it is on 15 m road side and the foundation with ground column has been designed for G+2 house it has Yegerba Mahtem and 100 % transferable through welena Maserega...


G+5 Building for sale o rent

ETB35,000,000 (230,000/month)

Call: +251 911 604839
G+5 Building for sale or rent - located at Lideta 3 minutes drive from Mexico - 250 sq.m , built on about 175 Sq. m - could be used for hospital, clinic, hotel, residence, office complex or the li...


House for sale (to be demolish...

ETB5,000,000 Negotiable

Call: 0911 692672 / 0912 624441 / 0919 837600
House for sale, 213 sq.m, olympia, about 300m behind dember city center, 1 living room, 3 bed rooms, service quarter...


G+2 For Sale(Debrezeyit)

ETB4,200,000 Negotiable

Call: 0911 566006 / 0911 064506
G+2 House In Debrezeyit Accommodating Living Room With Modern Kitchen, Family Room,Office,4 Bedrooms,4 Bathrooms,Traditional Kitchen,Maids Room,Store and Has 2 Car Parking Space....


A moderate villa for rent


Category: House for Rent / የሚከራይ ቤት | Listed: October 14, 2015

A good looking villa on 200 Sq.m, three bed rooms, Living room, kitchen room equipped with cabinets, two bath rooms, two service bed rooms, two parking spaces, at Mekanissa. abuashenafi@gmail.com...


A Modern G+2, 330 Sq.m


Category: House for sell / የሚሸጥ ቤት | Listed: October 14, 2015

An attractive G+2 , 330 Sq.m, Nine bed rooms, living room, two kitchen rooms with built in cabinets, maid’s room, store, Six bath rooms, terrace, five parking spaces, located at Bole Bulbula. abuas...


የሚከራይ ባለአንድ ፎቅ ዘመ...


Category: House for Rent / የሚከራይ ቤት | Listed: October 6, 2015

ባለአንድ ፎቅ ዘመናዊ መኖሪያ ቤት ሶስት መኝታ ክፍሎች ያሉት (አንድ ዘመናዊ ማስተር መኝታ ክፍል ስፋቱ 18ካሬ ሜትር የሆነ የ...


A G+3 with 20 bed rooms for rent, Bole


Category: House for Rent / የሚከራይ ቤት | Listed: October 6, 2015

An attractive G+2 on 600 Sq.m, 20 bed rooms, 8 living rooms, 8 kitchen rooms, maid’s room, store, 16 bath rooms, 12 parking spaces, located at Bole. abuashenafi@gmail.com...


Condominum (Mickyland)—SOLD


Category: House for sell / የሚሸጥ ቤት | Listed: October 6, 2015

the condo is rented and it is at fourth floor level with three bedroom and 100 % transferable with no loan...


Aluxury Villa 400 sq.m for rent


Category: House for Rent / የሚከራይ ቤት | Listed: October 5, 2015

A villa attractively laid on 400 sq.m one master bed room, three child rooms,living room, kitchen cabinet, four service rooms Including bath rooms,one med room, five parking spaces,at(Sululta)near to...


A new G+2 for rent, Mekanissa


Category: House for Rent / የሚከራይ ቤት | Listed: October 1, 2015

A pleasant G+2, 175 Sq.m, Six bed rooms, Living room merged with an open kitchen , five bath rooms, maid’s room, two parking spaces, located at Mekanissa. abuashenafi@gmail.com...


A Luxury Villa, 400 Sq.m


Category: House for sell / የሚሸጥ ቤት | Listed: September 30, 2015

A wonderful villa with perfect house parameters, 400 sq.m, Three main bed rooms, wider living room with an open kitchen, Extra kitchen room with beautiful cabinets, Service bed room with its own livin...


A Furnished 3 Bedroom Apartment in Gerji for ...


Category: House for sell / የሚሸጥ ቤት | Listed: September 30, 2015

A nice apartment is available for sale in Gerji. It’s located in a nice apartment complex with adequate parking space. In the apartment complex, you can find restaurants and cafes, supermarkets, bou...


G+1 House for rent (Bole japan embassy)

ETBUSD 3500/month Negotiable

Category: House for Rent / የሚከራይ ቤት | Listed: September 26, 2015

A beautiful ground + 1 house is available for rent in Bole around Bole Japan embassy. The design is beautiful. It has 4 bedrooms, with built-in wardrobes and a guest room. The master bedroom has a woo...


A 3 Unit Apartment for Rent


Category: House for Rent / የሚከራይ ቤት | Listed: September 22, 2015

A very nice deal, hard to come by is available now. We have a 3 unit G+3 apartment in a residential compound around AMCE, Megenagna for rent. In the ground floor, there is a reception area. In the 1st...


81 Sq.m, Second Floor, Mekanissa (Kore)


Category: House for sell / የሚሸጥ ቤት | Listed: September 22, 2015

More than 5 years of stay (legally transferable), 81 Sq.m, Second floor , two bed rooms, living room, Kitchen room, bath room, located at Mekanissa (kore). abuashenafi@gmail.com...

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